Wednesday, 9 September 2015

Cab Sharing Cheaper and Safer Option of Delhi NCR

CabShare booking is very simple. You have to register once and then just search for the area for ride sharing.  You can send out a fresh request too. Others are free to accept or decline the cabshare option. This saves you time and money.

CabShare is a free ride sharing application that has been launched for the convenience of the commuters like office goers, students’ Delhi NCR.

It is very convenient to book and use, and is safe to board.

Booking is as simple as:
a) Register your e-mail address and your password

b) Once connected, browse through the various routes and options or a suitable cab or auto rickshaw journey and request to share it. The host may either accept it or decline your request.

c) If there is no journey already planned for the route, then a fresh request needs to be made and others can request to share it.

d) The drivers on receiving the request can instantly calculate the potential savings for each incoming request for the same or similar route travel. The passengers are free to choose to accept or decline the journey and the fare.
  • Time is Money: It saves you the time of taxi booking online, waiting in long queues at the airports, bus or metros; non-availability of a cab or an auto in an area or of travelling at your preferred time etc.
  • CabShare helps you use these door to door transport system at the most economical rates, at par with the public transport system, as the fare gets shared between the co-travellers.

Safe to board:
1) The ride is being shared with a profile chosen by you.

2) Usually, this ride will be shared by you with your known ones or the people you will be comfortable to share the same with

3) These are people from your local community, be it near home or around office.

4) This is a suitable option even for children’s car pool.

5) Both the drivers and the vehicles (cab or auto) being used are legally registered and police vetted.

6) It’s safe to board it on the way back from a social gathering as:
  •  You don’t need to travel back alone on an isolated route at odd hours
  • You don’t need to be driven back by strangers or unknown taxis to or on your way back
  • You can share a ride back and with someone known, whose details are on record on your  phone and your e-mail.
  • You don’t mix drinking with driving!!!

7) Your family has the details of who you are with, and the expected time for your travel on that route. Thus, some mental peace, finally, for them!!!

8) Less likelihood of pick-pocketing or eve-teasing or any such petty crimes that we face in our day to day routines, which have become a part of the public transport commute.

9) CabShare cuts your waiting time at odd or isolated places for bus or any other form of public transport. Just Be Safe…call us and enjoy a ride to your destination in a safe vehicle at economical rates.

Thus, CabShare is becoming “The talk of the Town”, as it the solution to many problems today!!!

CabShare is the service that helps provide a platform for social interaction, reduces pollution, helps curb the traffic problem (to some extent), reduces your wait time, and gets you a private transport facility at the public transport rates and ALL this comes without compromising your safety.

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