Monday, 7 September 2015


Instead of looking for taxi services and taxi booking, how about cab sharing and saving money? This not only promotes a cleaner environment but also is a win-win for all. Here are some more advantages of opting for CabShare.

CabShare is a very unique concept of ride sharing i.e. sharing the cab and its costs with others; very popular internationally, now being introduced in Delhi NCR.  It is a trustworthy, secure and convenient way of travelling while networking socially in registered cabs and with trusted people in your neighbourhood.

Safe & Secure: This mentally puts you at peace of travelling hassle free and without compromising your safety and security, when you step out of the house for work, leisure or social gatherings.

Don’t mix drinking and driving: CabShare helps you to be a law-abiding citizen. Be at peace and be driven home with utmost comfort and accompanied by trusted people 24/7.

Kills boredom: Cab Sharing helps you to have company through long distances and boring journeys

Stimulates Networking: CabShare helps you to socialise, interact and learn about others traditions, organisations and their cultures. Thus, broadens your thought process.

Environment friendly: CabShare helps you save the environment by reducing the emission of fuel exhausts.

Save Money: The drivers on receiving the request can instantly calculate the potential savings for each incoming request for the same or similar route travel. The passengers are free to choose to accept or decline the same

Door to Door Service: No public transport provides door to door service, other than the cabs and autos; but, they are expensive. Cabsharing is a very creative way of enjoying that comfort at attractive and affordable rates.

Cab sharing helps with the optimum utilisation of the low number of reliable & available taxis. Also, as per your route and time request, this helps find matching people/profiles travelling to the same direction. You can message to whoever you think will become a good co-passenger; if accepted, contact details are shared with each to co-ordinate ridesharing.

Health is Wealth: The lower levels of pollutants in the air and less stress of driving and traffic- jams ensure a healthier life for us. This also ensures a healthier today for our seniors and a cleaner tomorrow for our children. Healthy living is the key to happiness and success.

Time is Money’: It saves you the time of booking a cab, waiting in long queues at the airports, non-availability of a cab in an area, travelling at your preferred time, or waiting in queues for a bus or metro etc. 

As the pollution is at an alarming raise in big cities and metros, CabShare comes in as a viable solution to reduce the pollution level and also to help remove the clutter of vehicles from road, by a great extent, by sharing a ride. When we are open to sharing a seat in a plane, train, ferry or a bus with a stranger; we have no major reservations about our co-travellers, then why can’t we be willing to accept the idea of a ridesharing in cabs ?
CabShare is something for all of us to think and try and put in action for the good of our future generations, our loved ones and our own selves. 


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