Monday, 21 September 2015

How Shared Cab Services in Delhi Promise Safe Ride for Women

With a number of innovative security features, cab services in Delhi are now targeting the growing population of women commuters. Sharing a ride is no longer a security threat.  

Until recently the idea of cab sharing in Delhi would seem foolhardy. Given the status of women security in the Capital, the idea was as good as asking for trouble. Luckily the internet has given us means that makes things safer and more efficient! Now you can get all the benefits of shared cabs with innovative security features.

The safety factor:-
For any woman traveling by a shared cab, the prime concern is undoubtedly the safety factor. Even on-call cabs for personal use are not exactly security proof. Driver misbehavior towards women passenger has made headlines in recent past, making even regular Cabs in Delhi a matter of security concern for women.

In the case of shared cabs, the problem just multiplies. Not only the driver, have you had to worry about your fellow passengers as well. Given that most modern cars have a central locking system, many women naturally feel threatened by the idea of sharing such confined space with strangers. The NCRs dismal crime statics against women just make this anxiety worse.

So, how do the new shared cab services tackle this issue?

Choose your driver:-
You can start by choosing who you travel with. Let us begin with the driver. Cab services solve this problem by giving you proper contact information. You will be given phone numbers and names. This basic information can then be sent to your immediate contacts, so there is a correct record in case of any mishap. This in itself acts as a deterrent.
Many cab sharing services also allow you to select the gender of the driver. If you feel safer with women, simply select a woman driver.

Know your fellow passenger:-
The simple procedure for selecting the driver also applies to your fellow passengers. Cab sharing services usually work by swapping information on fellow commuters who are going your way. You can select passengers who seem safe. As in the case of your driver, you will be given all relevant contact information. If you are still wary, look for an all-women commute.

Establishing secondary contacts:-
A highly effective system, followed by many cab services in Delhi, is the maintaining of an emergency contact log. This acts as both a deterrent and an information system. Commuters are asked for contacts in case of emergencies. Your contact is notified almost immediately if there is any mishap. This could be an accident or any suspicious activity by fellow passengers.
This allows your contact to keep in tab on your whereabouts. Since this system is often mandatory, your fellow passengers are also well aware of its existence. They are aware that the result of any wrong action is traceable and swift.

Adding security features:-
Other security features include quick back-up in case of emergencies and an efficient alarm system. Most apps have an SOS button that can be triggered if you think you are in danger. For instance, if there is any deviation in the established route or if you feel threatened by your fellow passengers, simply click on this SOS button.

With women forming a sizeable bulk of commuter traffic, cab services in Delhi have established a number of foolproof measures for their safety. So, just follow some simple measures, be safe and travel without any worries!


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