Tuesday, 29 September 2015

How Your Next Cab Ride Can Save the Environment and Your Budget

Shared cabs are fast emerging as an environmental friendly alternative to public transport in big cities. With their many economic benefits, shared Cabs in Delhi are here to stay.
A cab ride may seem like an unlikely way of saving the environment, but it is not as impossible as you may think. With shared cab rides now available for commuters in the NCR, you can now travel to work in comfort and not worry about your carbon footprints.

But this is not the shared auto with five other passengers that we are more familiar with. In the tech edge, even a shared cab gets the efficient edge. Now you can easily access cabs in Delhi with simple apps. Their services range from rent-a-cab to sharing one.
So, why choose to share a cab when you can easily hire one for your exclusive use? The reasons are many –– from the benefits they offer the environment to their sheer affordability.
The green ride
Cab sharing in Delhi falls somewhere between using public transport and taking out your own car. Although public transport is considered the best means of reducing the number of cars in city roads, for the average commuter this is often not a viable solution. Most buses are too crowded and uncomfortable, while the metro has an extremely limited route.
In addition, a cab offers a level of personal comfort that is impossible to find in other means of public transport like buses. But the cumulative cost of cars and cabs for every commuter can be disastrous for an already overburdened city like the Capital. Luckily, shared cabs offer a better medium. By pooling your ride with others, you help in reducing the gazillion litres of petrol and fumes that pollute our city.
Save your money
The other obvious benefit of using shared cabs in Delhi is their affordability. For most of us a daily cab ride is too expensive. Shared cabs, however, split the cost between passengers. This makes your ride much cheaper, sometimes less than an auto ride. In short, shared cabs offer the comfort of your own car at the cost of an auto ride!
Given these two major benefits, shared cabs in Delhi are here to stay. They are cheaper, convenient and help in reducing pollution in our highly burdened city.
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