Saturday, 10 October 2015

Cabshare Launches its Ride Sharing App

Cabshare launches its app to provide commuters in NCR with a free cab and auto sharing platform. The app is now available on Android stores.

Cabshare launched a pioneering ride-sharing service with its free mobile app in Delhi today. The app is available at the Android app store and will soon follow at the Windows and iTunes store. It gives a convenient access to commuters on-the-go in the NCR region.

Tuesday, 6 October 2015

Online Cab Services in Delhi

Booking a cab in Delhi and NCR is now just a click away. It’s a new and modern world with every day advancement seen on the technology front. So, why not have the option at your finger-tips with a mobile application for Taxi and Auto booking.

We, the daily commuters including children and women, are looking out for quicker, safer and cheaper options for making our daily travel as comfortable as possible. Stepping out of our house should not sound like a nightmare.

Saturday, 3 October 2015

Safety measures while Cab Sharing

Cabsharing is a very unique concept that will, in no time, become a very popular mode of transport for daily commuters in Delhi NCR. This, along with becoming a quick and easy mode of public transport that is both convenient and economical.

Delhi NCR has definitely seen a rise in criminal activities since the last few years and thus choosing cabsharing can be mentally comforting for travellers and their families. CabShare controls your login profile with confidentiality and your contact number is passed on to only those whom you choose to share your ride with. The drivers are trusted and so are the taxi / cab service providers!