Saturday, 10 October 2015

Cabshare Launches its Ride Sharing App

Cabshare launches its app to provide commuters in NCR with a free cab and auto sharing platform. The app is now available on Android stores.

Cabshare launched a pioneering ride-sharing service with its free mobile app in Delhi today. The app is available at the Android app store and will soon follow at the Windows and iTunes store. It gives a convenient access to commuters on-the-go in the NCR region.

Explaining the concept, a company spokesperson said, At Cabshare our aim is to offer an affordable and efficient cab sharing service. The app works by connecting commuters with others who are traveling the same way. They can find cabs, autos and even individual drivers who are going their way. They can also find other people to share their ride.

The app is designed to work in a simple and efficient manner, making it easy to connect with other commuters. To use, one has to specify the basics, like the time and destination. The app then finds other users who are traveling in the same direction at the same time. One can send a request to users whose profile seem agreeable.

The app then contacts the chosen passengers. If ones request is accepted, phone number details are exchanged and passengers can then contact each other on their own. Best of all, Cab share is totally free to use. There is no download or subscription fee. Fares are decided among the drivers and passengers in advance.

Cabshare has also taken special care to ensure the safety of its passengers. Given the security concerns in Delhi, the induction of safety features was essential. Some passengers, especially women, are reluctant to share a ride with strangers. So our app also includes innovative safety features like an SOS button. This feature enables a passenger to send a distress signal to specified emergency contacts,added the spokesperson.

These emergency contact details are filled in while setting up the app. For women riders, the app also has provision for all-women ride-share services. The route and fares from different competing cab companies are provided in order to give commuters all available options. At the end of a journey, users can also select travel buddies if they like their co-passengers. This way one can form a regular cab pooling ride. 

About Cabshare: Cabshare was formed by a group of techies who were looking for an alternative to regular cabs services. Their aim was to connect people who are traveling on the same route, so as to reduce their expenses, while bringing about an efficient, eco-friendly transportation system.

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