Saturday, 3 October 2015

Safety measures while Cab Sharing

Cabsharing is a very unique concept that will, in no time, become a very popular mode of transport for daily commuters in Delhi NCR. This, along with becoming a quick and easy mode of public transport that is both convenient and economical.

Delhi NCR has definitely seen a rise in criminal activities since the last few years and thus choosing cabsharing can be mentally comforting for travellers and their families. CabShare controls your login profile with confidentiality and your contact number is passed on to only those whom you choose to share your ride with. The drivers are trusted and so are the taxi / cab service providers!

At the beginning of a ride share:
1. If someone whom you agree to share ride with, is not someone previously known to you; then when communicating with your match, try and maintain your private space. This is exactly as you will do in a public transport, like a bus or train.
2. A public location will be an ideal spot to choose for a pick-up point, rather than your home or office.
3. Always remember to carry your mobile phone!

While ride sharing :

1. Always try to keep to yourself. Avoid sharing your ultimate destination and further travel plans with your co-travellers.
2. If you make friends with your co-travellers and intend catching-up, then do so on a different day. Only exchanging each other’s contact details at that time will be a wiser decision.
3. Do not sleep in the cab
4. Do not talk on your mobile phone, especially any personal talk.

On completion of the rideshare :

1. Each one of you needs to pay your individual agreed-upon portions
2. Keeping an eye on your co-passengers will be a wise thing to do. This way you can be aware of their movements and untoward happenings can be avoided. If a co-traveller unexpectedly exits the cab with you, do not hesitate to question him / her, asking them WHY??? If their answer still bothers you, board back the taxi and ask it to drop you at the next busy spot.

If judiciously used, sharing ride in an auto or taxi can be a blessing for all of us. Let us pledge ourselves to a safe, comfortable and economical journey through CabShare with like-minded and chosen individuals.

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