Thursday, 5 November 2015

Book Online Shared Taxi for a Fast and Smooth Ride

Commuters in Delhi now have an option to book an online shared taxi for fast and smooth ride. Shared taxis save time, money and effort.

Driving in Delhi can be nerve-racking for even the most seasoned traveller. The traffic is nerve-racking, the roads are jammed with cars and the distances often exhaustingly far. Given this scenario, what can be better than getting a ride to your destination of choice? Cab-sharing services offer just this service to commuters in the Capital.

A cab service is often the obvious choice for those looking for a bit of comfort. However, taking cabs regularly can really screw up your budget. Shared taxis offer a much more affordable solution where you can split your fare with co-passengers. This is not just cheaper, but also convenient. All you need to do is book an online shared taxi!

Work your cell
Car-sharing has become extremely easy. Most car-sharing services these days run through mobile apps. All you have to do is download the app through your mobile app store. Mobile apps make the entire process incredibly convenient, since you can now book your ride anywhere.

Find your ride
The apps work by connecting you to other passengers who are going your way. You start by logging in your intended destination and the time at which you need the ride. The app works by connecting you to taxis or other individual drivers with the same destination.

Connect with others
However, the main distinction of cab-sharing apps lies in their ability to connect you with co-passengers. They show people who are also traveling in your direction, along with their brief profiles. You can select people who seem suitable and then established contact. Now you have your ride as well as co-passengers.

Be safe
One of the major hurdles in sharing a cab is the perceived danger. People, particularly women, often find the concept of shared taxis risky. There is an inherent risk in traveling in a closed car with people you do not know. Car-sharing cab services recognise this apprehension among people.
Hence, there are a number of innovative features that are included in many such apps. These include a detailed profile of driver and co-passengers, instant notification system to emergency contacts, tracking mechanism and SOS call provision. 

Cut your costs
By opting to book an online shared taxi, you reduce your expenses significantly. You pay much less in taxi fares, since you are splitting the cab fare with others. If you usually take out your own car, shared taxi service frees you from driving. It also removes fuel costs. There are other environmental benefits that arise from less fuel consumption and slash in on-road automobiles.

Enjoy the ride
As we have seen, mobile apps have made car-sharing incredibly easy and fast. Now you can easily use it for your daily commute to office, college or the market. The apps make optimum use of your time and energy by facilitating co-ordination and communication with your co-passengers.

In short, by choosing to book an online shared taxi, you save money, time, while enjoying a smooth ride! 

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