Wednesday, 4 November 2015

Why Delhi Needs a Cab Sharing System

How many of us have spent endless hours in traffic jams? How many times have we cursed our overburdened public transport system? Delhi and its myriad transport problems have been the subject of much study and discussion. Not just Delhi, many big cities face similar problems today. Rising urban population and its resultant automobile population is one of the biggest challenges for the modern urban planners.

What we need today is an innovative solution, such as cab sharing in Delhi. Based on the idea of carpooling, cab sharing apps are the latest big thing for daily commuters in the Capital. However, car-sharing is not just a fad. This mode of traveling has some serious benefits for a city like Delhi that is grappling with multiple urban travel problems.
So, what are these benefits? Let us see some of these in detail:

Less stress on environment

An obvious benefit of car-sharing is its environment friendly effect. When you pool your ride with another person, you divide the amount of petrol spent. You also lessen automobile pollution. Now just multiply this benefit! Given that you will be sharing your ride with more than two people, the carbon footprints of one single ride are significant.

In a highly polluted city like Delhi, this benefit is extremely important. As study after study shows air pollution level in Delhi are rising alarmingly. The heavy number of vehicles on its roads is one of the major reasons. Car sharing services can go a long way in reducing this very worrying problem.

Unclog the roads

Delhi has more cars on its roads than any other city in India. Despite many initiatives by the Delhi government for more efficient road and traffic systems, the sheer number of cars make the Capital’s roads almost always traffic logged.

Car sharing services offer a novel solution to this problem. By pooling rides with others we automatically reduce the number of cars on the road. Since ride-sharing services aim for three or more co-commuters, the potential decrease in vehicular traffic is significant. In other words, we have lesser cars, reduced traffic and a much smoother ride!

Alternative to public transport

Public transport is the lifeline of a big city like Delhi. Millions of people, from a labourer to a student, rely on the various means of transport for work and leisure. However, given Delhi’s exploding population, public transport falls quite short of its requirement. Car-sharing services offer an important alternative. Best of all, it requires no additional investment. Instead, it uses existing resources in a more efficient manner!


Delhi has always been a red spot when it comes to women safety. One of the major concerns is the provision of a safe mode of transport. New car-sharing services ensure this by including a number of security features, such as providing accurate information about fellow-riders, alarm buttons and other innovative features.

Car-sharing services clearly have many benefits for a city like Delhi. It provides an alternative means of public transport that is safe and efficient. 


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